Oh Trello we love you

It's always great to discover new things that make life easier. In this case not just your working life but also in all parts of life

At Sumwot Social we are in love right now with Trello - we have known about it for some time but we just couldn't quite work out how best to use it....

This all changed when we discovered the excellent site Boss Mom - the lovely Dana has a free course on how to get started with Trello and how you can use it to change the way in which you run your business. So many ideas flowed from this one free course so much so we have introduced it to lots of our clients who are happy creating new "boards" for a variety of subjects.

So far we have heard clients have created the following

  • A Glastonbury packing list
  • Bucket list
  • Running an event for 100 people
  • An essential reading list
  • Website design process
  • Planning of conference speech
  • Ongoing planning of marketing material for a business

All of this for FREE - try out Trello it really is worth taking a look