The Spelling & Grammer Hacks

For us bad spellers out there the internet has been a bit of a godsend .... there are some many different ways you can now check not only your spelling but your grammar and even your translation - Here are the pick of our favourite free applications - to help the most challenged when it comes to all things language. 



Google Translate - not much explanation required it does as you would imagine it translates text and documents

Spelling and Grammer

Grammarly - what an application this is we have it running on all of our machines it is utterly brilliant I couldn't see why you wouldn't download this FREE application even as a triple check service. It is so good it works across all web pages you visit from Social media channels through to email like Gmail - a no-brainer download it now  

Our final excellent resource is packed full of lots really useful features from the meaning through to the origin of words ... Well worth a look, although be warned you could lose a few hours looking through some rather interesting facts about language.