LinkedIn Training 

Need to get to grips with LinkedIn?

We train individuals and small groups on how to use LinkedIn.

We tailor make the training package - from complete beginners to those who want to improve their existing skill set.

We cover such topics as:

  • creation of individual of LinkedIn account

  • optimisation of your current account so it works harder for your business

  • illustrations and examples of best practice for gaining the post out of LinkedIn

Our LinkedIn training sessions are:

  • designed for your requirements – we only ever cover what is relevant to you and your business, at a time, date and location convenient for you

  • easy to access and undertake – we will work in real time on your specific account so that you learn, using your device

  • enabling your team to understand and use LinkedIn - thus boosting customer interaction and your brand awareness

  • creating a relevant plan of action - that you can implement in a timely fashion. You will no longer be stuck for ideas on what to post and at what time

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you and your organisation.